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out of the strong beat of the sound. ‘Bodhi Heart!’ eyes focused on a road that group being hidden in a huge tree brilliance, everyone’s heart, are now severely beating a few. ‘ in mind when the Bodhi words came from the mouth of some people, it stands quietly on the plains of Bodhi trees, suddenly heard the clatter of subtle sound,Tiffany & Co Outlet, soon,Tiffany Outlet, everyone is seeing, dense branches, intertwined,Tiffany And Co Outlet, and drawn from under the shade, and when these branches touch the ground, slowly split, five figure, which slowly take blankly. Along with this figure of five taken, this piece of space between heaven and earth suddenly intense undulator up terrible coercion, suddenly filled out! ‘ feeling this coercion, the presence of all, are extremely ugly looking up, because they found that five figure,Tiffany Outlet, actually all are semi-holy strong! (first and more! Midnight today,Tiffany Outlet! 1397th chapter bombers kill half St. puppet looked at the trees in front of Bodhi five figure, everyone is feeling some scalp hair 囦 Ma, how they think, this Bodhi trees among the five and a half actually have hidden the Holy Order else strong! ‘The five and a half holy strong, there is no life in the body 囦’ Xiao Yan took a deep breath, repressed under Yuan scared shock hearts, eyes suddenly swept those five figure, eyelids suddenly jump, said. ‘did not exist they are just puppets of the soul.’ Kaoru children softly on the cheek, covered with dignified. puppet can be turned into a puppet of these semi-holy strong, with the fart Yuan shares all want to know, is that this strain of Bodhi trees should be committed, however, thought of this, everyone is kind of cold sweat DC impulse, will St. become strong half puppet,Tiffany And Co Outlet, this terrible ability, large onshore Yuan what people can do? just do not reach half the holy order, between

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