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Untitled-1 HOST OF STARTUPTV: Virgínia Rodrigues

Virgínia Rodrigues is a native Brazilian entrepreneur who has been immersed in the global technology startup scene for many years with four tech startups. Her latest venture is as the co-founder of StartupTV with American serial entrepreneur Tiffany Joy Basse. They worked together prior at tech accelerator Floripatech in Florianopolis, Brazil, where Virginia was a business plan presentation coach.

Virginia has a keen design sense and used the skills she developed as a child making jewelry, art, and handcrafts to create her first startup in the online fashion business. Also when she was young she used to create, perform and record radio shows. In college, she had her first experience as a TV host and interviewed one of the local rock stars and became an instant hit. Shortly afterwards she moved to OverAds. Overads is focused on helping startups, advertising agencies and institutions with their customer discovery process and utilizes online technology to gather, analyze and disseminate relevant data

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