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after refining the body, because the weather was the reason, Xiao Yan will be back to the shelter, and a back room, he is to sit cross-legged on the couch, slightly pondered, hand over the pages’ three white jade ribs, then get out now into its palm.
three ribs, Xiao Yan is natural since the bones of life and pull down on top of things, and there,Coach Outlet Store Online, hidden secret boat days of order fighting skills, but since the stars fell back to the pavilion after detoxification as busy as Harengula thing, So he did not carefully studied, hear the wind today talking about the soul of the venerable house of revenge thing, so that was also somewhat depressed heart in the face of such a large force, so too must always have their combat The upgrade ……,
and enhance the combat effectiveness of the way most natural fighting skills is to practice higher order, and that the legendary days of order fighting skills’ is particularly powerful, even now, Xiao Yan never forget the day that the order Doo Doo day holy bones cast When the terror caused by the power of technology ……,
ribs start,Coach Outlet Store, a cool, did not have the kind of rough feeling skull bone, but feels like the most perfect jade general,Coach Outlet, creamy and cool, bringing a very wonderful touch.
over ribs ‘covered with small singular text, this text’ abnormal mysterious, giving a feeling of obscure.
Xiao Yan will be carefully looked thin three ribs over and over,Coach Outlet Store, will give all those singular words recorded in the minds’ but could not break the will of the clinic,Coach Outlet,
‘It seems common law and can not open the ribs’ Xiao Yan cheeky color pondered, after a long while ‘the ribs gently affixed to the forehead, soul force spread out, but when touched touched the ribs, will be directly ** is playing back ‘moment hesitated,Coach Outlet Store Online, but is relieved.
‘original bone

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