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at this time there is no time to wonder, eyes closed, eyebrows at the soul force is cautiously down the arm then along the Interfax, intrusion into.
soul force just ten Enter the Dragon, Not far from the hills, Cao Ying Mu bone elderly people’s eyes is projected from. ‘Bang!’ After Xiao Yan
soul force invaded Interfax, a slight muffled sound is ringing Xiao Yan immediately
soul like a breakthrough with a layer of something moving, appeared in a strange nothingness of being.
this nothingness which was filled with purple flames,Coach Outlet Store, and in the center of the flame that has a mini-version of the dragon, but at the moment, this little dragon eyes are entrenched, are like sleeping. Closed eyes to see the little dragon, Xiao Yan know, this stuff is the origin of the fire three thousand Yan Yan fire.
although they knew wanted to get it is extremely difficult, but it still does not prevent Xiao Yan became fiery glances up, his dream of Ben West,Coach Outlet, and now finally appears to be true in the fingertips. ” Call ‘■’
deep breath, repressed under that excitement heart, soul force Xiao Yan was slowly drifting out of wire, then facing that small flames away every now and then, and then gently wrapped around the rear will be body,Coach Outlet Online, soul power, the constantly emitting a gentle, friendly information.
Although this approach seems quite naive Xiao Yan,Coach Factory Outlet, but this time, that there is no other way. This kind of information dissemination
moment,Coach Outlet Store, Xiao Yan is silent, it appears that does not reflect the slightest. ‘This approach really does not work.’ ‘
Xiao Yan heart shook his head helplessly, Gang Yu withdraw soul force, but it is suddenly discovered that the little dragon has eyes closed tight in this Yisha, suddenly opened his eyes,Coach Outlet, filled with purple flames Lombok reddish color of cold, staring

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