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Mang day ruler,Coach Outlet Online, there are other people dare to call it? ‘, the old man hú child Alice Alice’ immediately looked grinning Xiao Yan, then held out his hand to the body in the latter niē the niē’ This laughed: ”Yes, yes, this is not the Soviet Union thousands guy bang me finally seen in the past to teach a school ⺌ born ……’
⺌ Xiao Yan mouth pumping pumping,Coach Outlet Store Online, looking at the face of a smiling old man, a time is somewhat difficult to him, and that most mysterious inner Canaan College Dean inline ⺌ tied together.
‘last met, did not even recognize you, go back and think for ages, this recall, the Soviet Union had thousands of guy you’re constantly told that I have sent the letter said Xiao Yan,Coach Factory Outlet,’ Mang day ruler patted Xiao inflammation of the shoulder, a pair of loyalty dry cloud looks like ‘and said: ” Do not worry ‘Since you are learning ⺌ Canaan College students, but also be able to enter school students ⺌ lady enamel eyes, something in the future, the wife protect you. ‘
Xiao Yan smile, ‘This old guy is really not that mysterious Dean ‘but more like a break from the soil out of the old-fashioned bed ⺌ ⺌ bandit bandit.
‘Thank you,Coach Outlet Online, Mr. Mang up.’ side of smoked child is recovered from the surprise and smiled.
‘trivial ‘, Mang day ruler casual waved’ Then look at Kaoru children and Xiao Yan who stroll around, strange smiles: ‘How can I say that they can not do anything you a Younger younger,Coach Outlet, so you are the ancient tribe The most extraordinary flowers to arch …… ‘
hear these words,Coach Outlet Store, Xiao Yan face some green, on the side of smoked children also fly touch of crimson cheeks.
‘Mr. Mang ‘This is not the Ray family.”
that previously was mine Mans Zhentui ancient Qian two, now also face with Nuse embarked sheep, Chen Sheng said.
Mang glanced at the two one-day ruler, but

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