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energy shield, crowded ⺌ hit attack constantly pouring down,Coach Outlet, so obtaining the ripples is more intense, but because it had the energy shield of defense, those losses were speed offerings lion strong,Coach Factory Outlet, obviously much better than Yu Yan League side, ‘consume almost child ……’ On
sky, looking at the lion-day fluctuating energy shield, also a faint smile, hands slowly hit a strange gesture, lion offerings were able to sweep the cross ⺌ Northwest ⺌ nearly half the land, relying on,Coach Factory Outlet, is not The king fighting strong imperial struggle, but were fighting, fighting and even respect for the strong!
day when the lion lay this gesture, behind the blanket of darkness and slowly tear ⺌ split open, the hundreds of shadow slowly out of a hundred before this figure, with nearly twenty or thirty people breath, Han Hao ⺌ can ⺌ afraid, these people appeared,Coach Outlet Store Online, even this world are become some chatter ⺌ shaking up when these people appeared on the walls of color scales and others, and finally is some discoloration, these people are the real decision battlefield victory people!
‘Rumble’ When
one hundred marching imaginary figure and former ⺌ empty slowly, those flying from huge bolt in front of them baizhang reach distance,Coach Outlet Online, that is, the burst will automatically open ‘Drink!’ When away from the fortress
in just a few Baizhang distance, one hundred figure finally stopped and shouted loudly Lenghe I saw was a Unit Hao Han ⺌ grudge suddenly storm surge since they ran out of the body, and finally gathered in the sky on direct foot is condensed into a little knowledge is a huge energy behemoth!
behemoth forming between the two ⺌ breath spray hundreds of feet long white mist,Coach Outlet, and then directly ⺌ empty virtual marching in ⺌ startle many people scared eyes fiercely on the TV drama cage covered fortress ⺌

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