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said, at the moment of his sight in look when Xiao Yan, also a faint promise some surprise, Xiao Yan Wu Chen hands can persist in five rounds still does not fall, He also has made it somewhat surprised, after all, for Wu Chen, he was very understanding, and eight cases of star power, even look at the entire Central Plains,Coach Outlet, it is absolutely superb column of the strong!
side of Don fire child is gently nodded his head, his eyes staring at the odd light Mei Hsiao-yen, almost the same age with her youth, who always seems to make too surprised.
air, Wu Chen figure is floating down, feet severely Yiduo ground that it would be an majestic Anjin unloading, suddenly a piece of hard stone shelter, submerged directly into a mass of powder.
Xiupao Qing Hui, Wu Chen slightly narrowed eyes, look not far Xiao Yan, faint: ‘good fighting skills, the power of a strong, if not much strength difference, between you and me, I am afraid this attack, Even I was not easily take over. ‘
for the words of Wu Chen,Coach Outlet Online, Xiao Yan heart sneer, dignified color plane is getting stronger, no matter how Wu Chen cold, but after all, is a former star of eight cases, if not taken seriously, then,Coach Outlet Online, ten rounds, he probably really is hard to stick with it, but here is groaning fire Sanxuan become unusable, or maybe they will become another rhetoric Wu Chen et al.,Coach Outlet, to the time I am afraid to say anything myself´╗┐Useless.
‘This old guy Plough gravel step,Coach Bags Outlet, power is extremely fierce, though, it is less than three thousand thunderous flexibility, as well as five rounds, it seems that too did the best …’ Xiao Yan complexion, more dignified,Coach Outlet, majestic green grudge, overflowing the body, like a flame-like, to give all parcels, a ** rich hot temperature, keep from being distributed out of vindictiveness.
‘But you only if other

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