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‘ Xiao Yan suddenly touched the eyebrows, puzzled.
‘Shaw family because the family pattern, not bestowed by others, but to rely on their own out of practice.
Xiao Xuan smiled and said: ‘Skyfire Sanxuan changed, I can sense in your body, because it was created by me,’ I did not expect that you should be under Hogan will get it, and I remember when the It gives Fenyan Valley,Coach Outlet, the fate of the word,Coach Outlet Store, it really is very unpredictable. ‘
hear these words, Xiao Yan stunned look, after a moment,Coach Outlet Store, remember when shoved heritage Skyfire Sanxuan varying saw that name when 焚炎 Valley.
‘Xiao Xuan? Xiao Xuan original there, that’s exactly what xiaojia ancestors! That things, it really is incredible ……’
‘Of course,Coach Outlet Store, you have to practice Skyfire Sanxuan change, but also the lack of a final step, it is also less that last step, you just have to let the family had not been practicing the pattern’ Xiao Xuan light laugh.
Wen Yan, Xiao Yan heart suddenly thrown a touch of excitement, looking forward to looking at Xiao Xuan.
‘Oh, rest assured, I wait so many years of loneliness, which is, and that is to give you all that will remain after this day fire Sanxuan become violent step, naturally given to you.’ Xiao Yan see askew,Coach Outlet, Xiao Xuan laughed and shook his head.
‘But practicing out of the family pattern, but there is no force to support the blood of it, it is difficult to really play to the pinnacle of the’ Xiao Yan muses.
‘Now known as the family pattern,Coach Outlet Store Online, it is naturally necessary to have the force of blood as a source of’ Xiao Xuan nodded, looked at Xiao Yan suddenly go dark eyes, but it is a smile, that pace into the water into, and then go to the pool, the palm of a Young, and saw that the water is too slowly spin up, and with the rotation of the water, and a Road light color, but

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