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fighting skills if this is really being hit, even if I’m afraid, was also seriously injured or even killed on the spot,’ looked like a field mouse to move the cat department led four flash flood Li Xiao Yan slightly in feeling The stronger the violent force his hand, Han pool also could not help but wiped the cold sweat,cheap jordan shoes, heartfelt way.
‘It seems to stay the hand of the day was his, ah, look at his performance today, so, even if it was me, I am afraid that is difficult to embark on real shame ten rounds in his hand, ah,jordan shoes for sale,’ Han Tian smile a cry, and now he did not know why a few days ago in the face of Xiao Yan, his temptations,cheap jordan shoes, would say words like that sounds a little arrogant, originally in the eyes of others, their own strength this point, there is simply not enough to fear
‘Xiao Yan fear should also have some background. Otherwise, by virtue of a person,cheap jordans, no matter how talented, even excellent, it is difficult to reach this point, not to mention that horrible puppet, just this endless stream of high-order fighting skills, even if is the strength of this and other storms Court younger generation, but also compare him ah. ‘Han muttered pool.
heard, Han Tian, ​​who is also deeply felt nodded his head,cheap jordans for sale, a man of talent and strong again, after all, energy is limited,Cheap Jordans Outlet, it is impossible in practice to focus, they also are distracted to do other things, but. ‘Their minds are clear, there is a Xiao Yan another terror identity, six refining pharmacist!
when strength to achieve this level is reached in the art of mixing drugs and the level of ordinary people is difficult, it seems to many people, is a work of incredible things, so this is like being alone, which would is a person consumes too boundless energy … and can really rely on their own up to this point in the closure of two

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